The Classes

Wanna learn? You're in the right place. 

Painting with Watercolor

Three monthly watercolor tutorials and supplies sent right to your door! 

We'll learn abstract, animals, flowers, and everything in between. Whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve mastered the arts, the lessons are designed to encourage, support, and enhance your experience with watercolor.

$50 a month

Acrylic Paint

Three monthly acrylic tutorials and supplies sent right to your door! 

Turn your passion for painting into a way to create unique home decor, cards, door hangers, etc. We'll learn both classic and modern acrylic techniques to jumpstart your creative engine. 

$50 a month

Acrylic Paint
Painting Equipments
Painting Equipments

Oil Painting - COMING SOON! 

One fine-art style painting tutorial broken into two lessons each month. 

Want to learn how to oil paint? As a traditionally trained oil painter, Avery will guide you through creating timeless oil paintings and teach you the skills to execute artwork in oils. 

$60 a month

Fun for little ones!

We'll paint, collage, draw and have fun a couple times a month through two pre-recorded videos. All supplies, access to videos and encouragement are sent to you each month! 

$30 a month