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When I thought about releasing a collection in time for the holidays, I knew I didn't want it to be strictly "holiday" themed imagery. I wanted it to be a reflection of what I have accomplished and how I've changed over the past year. A metamorphosis of sorts. 

This collection was born from an idea I had in my head of returning to the bold, impressionistic realism I love while staying in the realm of what I'm drawn to subjectively: birds and horse. My "roots" have always been in using lots of color. I am drawn to vibrant, messy palettes. A creative use of color and bold, gestural line is something I am excited to share with you in this series. 

Both a literal and metaphorical use of "wings" is present in this collection. I really spread my wings in terms of color and line--it's bold and expressive. I also took off with this body of work. Anything I wanted to paint, I painted. 

This collection is all about being fearless, living in the moment and favoring the bold.