The Workshop | The Art of Whimsical Collage Faces

I’m always and forever going back to faces–I love the human face, the faces of animals, the faces of completely ambiguous characters. Faces tell a story devoid of words.

Nothing is more fun than grabbing some on-hand supplies and making messy collage art that yields beautiful, dimensional results.

Everyone’s creating process is different, organic and unique to them; however, I’ve found success in the way I layer papers, ink, paints and drawing mediums atop a simple piece of paper to cultivate these faces.

I am so excited to share this workshop with you! My heart is in teaching and spreading art love! If you enjoy this tutorial, let me know–drop me a comment or hit me up on Instagram @averykasperart. Most importantly, share this post so others can enjoy creating!


  1. India Inks (white, black, brown, red, turquoise)

  2. Alcohol Inks

  3. White and Black Pen

  4. Assorted papers (patterned and plain–scrapbook papers are great!)

  5. Scissors Glue

  6. Pencil

  7. Tips for success: Just have fun! Don’t overthink the structure of the facial features. Allow yourself to make mistakes and embrace them!

Follow this link for the video tutorial:

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