The One-Staple Collage

The one staple collage. "What?! What's a one-staple collage?!"

Uh, only one of my absolute favorite ways to work on an Index Card. You already know I love utilizing a plain ol' index card as a substrate for little daily artworks. If not, you can read about that here.

The one-staple collage is an easy way to make the tiny little surface of the index card make a big impact. Here's what you need:

Index Cards

Ephemera (aka random papers. receipts, scrapbook paper, junk paintings, pictures, etc.)

Stapler and staples

Extras: Paint



Markers, pens, pencils

Anything else under the sun that can be stapled--I've been known to use fabric, cardboard, paper doilies....

There is absolutely no right or wrong in how to assemble the collage. As long as you keep your pieces attached with ONE staple, you're doing it right!

Here's my process:

I normally try and paint a few index cards in one setting so I have several to choose from. It cuts down on the chance that I'll back out of or come up with an excuse to not create any given day! I use watercolors, acrylic paint, pens, etc to make a fun background card.

I use a combination of cutting and tearing to assemble my layered collage pieces. I start with a bigger piece on the back and then add smaller pieces toward the front.

A picture's worth a thousand words here, so I'll let these do the talking for me!

If you haven't already done so, join me on the CREATIVE FUSION Group on Facebook. Over the next few days I'll be sharing some tips and tricks for how I make one-staple collages each day!

If you want more one-staple collage inspiration, you can check out my Pinterest board.

Questions? Comments? Drop 'em below and let's get you started on your collage journey! (Okay, it's more like a rabbit hole. Once you're in, it goes forever!) :)

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