Rural Kansas Art--a Hidden Gem!

I live near Wilson, Kansas. A town of just around 800 people. We're located on the map almost right in the middle of Kansas, and to the north of us is a quaint little town called Lucas. To get to Lucas, you drive by Wilson Lake, over a huge dam and through some rolling hills in which a few farms are nestled.

Once you get to Lucas, you're bombarded with what I can only assume, is the most creative-looking small town in America. It's quirky. Really quirky. Even though I've lived in Central Kansas for over 12 years, just this summer, while my daughters were at dance camp at the theater in town, I spent several hours each day walking aroundthe town--enjoying the decorated light posts, phone lines, whimsical yard art. I'd always known Lucas was home to The Garden of Eden--a concrete conglomeration of human and animal sculptures and a limestone-and-concrete house that looks kind of like a log cabin.


Okay, so yeah, The Garden of Eden is super impressive. One (perhaps slightly crazy) old man set out to make this his retirement project. And here it is, like 80 years later, still being visited and this little town's claim to fame.

Less well-known is the Grassroots Art Gallery, Florence Deeble Rock Garden, Garden of Isis (in the Deeble House) and Bowl Plaza (the world's coolest, completely mosaic-covered public restroom). I'm going to go ahead and let the images do the rest of the talking for this awesome town, and all the cool/weird/fun/odd artwork that fills it.

As a person who has lived in teeny, tiny Kansas towns my entire life, being so close to a town like Lucas--a town that capitalizes on the art of everyone who lives there and considers themselves a "creative," is invigorating. Each time I visit this town, my creativity is reignited and my spirit to make art is renewed.

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