Quick Art Wednesday | Continuous line face with watercolor detail

The most common thing I hear when people watch me while I paint is, “I love the way you just get in there.” They’re always commenting on the way I just make marks; free and with no worries of how it might look, good or bad. I have spent years working on my own style of painting, and continuous line exercises are a favorite of mine for creating a quick piece of art that also encourages freedom of play without worrying about the final result (even though the final result is AWESOME).


A continuous line drawing is a great way to sketch anything–you draw the entire thing without picking up your pencil or pen. To keep it even more loose, hold the pencil or pen as far from the end as you can. For this exercise, we’re going to make a face! Here are the tools you need. Yep, just a piece of watercolor paper (I’m using a 12×16 pad of papers), some random brushes, a pencil or pen, and watercolors. These from Pelikan are my favorite, now and forever!


Old brushes I found in a drawer, because I was too lazy to walk downstairs and get better brushes…see, you really CAN use any tools for this activity! Oh, and a plain Bic ballpoint pen. 


Messed up colors courtesy of my middle daughter. 

To start off, I made a frame in the center of my paper. DO NOT use a ruler! The idea here is that you’re having fun, just doing things loose-y goose-y!


Lots of lines, little scribbles and loops make this whimsical and fun, and add to the loose style of this piece of artwork.  I like framing a piece this way because the negative space (space without anything on it) around the outside actually creates a faux-mat. Très chic! 

The next part is the fun part–drawing the continuous line face. I started with the outside of the head and the ears.