Mixed Media Accordion Mini Book

There’s nothing better than being inside on a blizzarding day spending time creating. As you know, I’m smitten with faces, so today I wanted to come up with a way to make a quick version of a mini-sketchbook so I could create a cohesive set of continuous contour faces. I love bookmaking, but sometimes I don’t want to spend hours on end with laborious Coptic stitching, so I decided to make an accordion book today.

I used watercolor paper from an 11×15″ pad. I cut two 15″x 4.5″ strips. I folded each strip in quarters and used a bone folder to make the creases sharp.

Once I had sectioned out my papers by folding, I butted the two sheets together and taped them with washi tape.

I started on every section (excluding the front cover) by drawing a continuous contour whimsical face. (Continuous contour faces are drawn without picking your pen up…ever! Make the entire face and all the details while the pen is in contact with the paper.) I LOVE continuous contour drawings. They’re a perfect combination of whimsy and thoughtful placement of features, and when you add color and pattern to the sections of the head/face you end up with some creative alchemy!

After drawing my faces, I watercolored all my sections using my Koi Travel Watercolor Kits (read more about these here). After the watercolor dried, I went in with highlighters, colored pencils, white and black pens and a fuchsia gelato. I also decided to put some inspirational text on all of these portraits, so I just wrote out some fun words and sayings and tried to style them up a bit!

When I was done, I attached a piece of waxed linen thread to the center of the “spine” with another piece of tape. This thread can be looped around the book or tied in a bow to hold it all together.

I have made an accordion book a couple of times prior to this; however, this specific project really ignited my creative fire. I plan on making accordion books this summer while camping–they’ll be perfect to put my Instax pictures in and do some quick journaling and sketching for added pizzazz!

Have you made an accordion book before? I’d love to know more about it! Share your accordion book pictures on Instagram and follow me @averykasperart.

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