ICAD Update | Index-Card-A-Day!

Today marked the twentieth day I’ve been participating in my own version of the Index-Card-A-Day challenge. The last time I wrote about it on this blog, I explained my plan for approaching the challenge this year. You can read about that here.


In my true fashion, I developed a plan but didn’t stick with it at all. Yes, I made my animal list, but about five days in, I stopped using it and just randomly Googled animals. I also always hit this point in the summer where I become overly creative and things eventually fall to the back burner because I just don’t have enough time. I am currently trying to fit planner decorating, a bullet journal (I’m obsessed!), daily painting, keeping up with my scrapbook, and a renewed love of photography, into EVERY day. It’s a bit much, yes, but the summer is a great time for me to learn and refresh and develop additional art skills for the upcoming school year.

So while I’m still definitely keeping ICAD a priority of my daily tasks, I normally find myself a day behind, working on the cards at about 10 at night–not exactly my most creative time!

So I’m making a promise to you, reader, I’m going to do better for the remainder of June! No more half-hearted attempts at drawing and painting these beautiful creatures.

Here are a few of my favorite cards thus far:


A Mandarin Fish –I love the colors on this fish. It’s so other-worldly!


ELEPHANT Shrew! I think I just like this little guy because when I was looking for photo inspiration, I came across an article stating that these are actually related to elephants…wow!


Andean Flamingo. The documentation of these awesome birds is one of my favorite Planet Earth episodes, so naturally, one made an appearance!

Thus far, my toolbox for creating these has been very restricted. I have used a mechanical pencil, watercolors, Sharpie pen, and Tombow Dual Brush pens.