Easy 4th of July Fireworks Art


The Fourth of July is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a lazy holiday and requires very little prep work, unlike Christmas or Halloween.

When the fourth rolls around, I always try to make the day fun for my girls. To celebrate the holiday, we usually paint fingernails and toenails and do some sort of art project sporting red, white and blue.

This morning, Berkley and I created some fireworks-inspired artworks using simple items you probably already have around your house!

To make our firework stamps, I simply cut a toilet paper roll fringe-style and splayed out the “petals.” We then dipped the stamp into paint spread out on a plate. We had the best luck when we spun the stamp a bit to make sure the paint was somewhat evenly distributed.

When we decided we were done with the stamps, we used Q-tips to add dots. Berkley chose to add some squiggly lines to hers. Art teacher tip: NEVER inhibit your child’s creativity by correcting their work or doing it for them. Would I have originally thought to add squiggles to this? No. Was it my plan? No. But 1) it didn’t really matter how this turned out; we were just doing it for fun and 2) allowing children to freely express themselves through art is a healthy step to emotional and artistic development. 

We decided to add a squeeze of light blue for a little more dimension.

Having fun experimenting with dots, lines and mark making!

She also held up my piece!

Our spent stamps.

This was such a fun, easy, and awesome-looking 4th of July craft! I know we’ll use this stencil method again in the future; perhaps to make flowers, pumpkin tops or snowflakes! (Perfect for every season!)

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