I am a mixed-media acrylic and watercolor painter and ceramic artist. I live in Wilson, Kansas with my husband and our two (soon-to-be-three) little girls on a small farm surrounded by our small herd of dairy goats, chickens and beloved farm cats. I am a full-time high school art teacher, and my students often times feed my creativity--I am inspired by inspiring them. 

Since I was a young child, I have always been inclined to spend free time drawing, doodling, painting, or creating some sort of creations out of paper, hot glue and fiber. I've always loved creating and it just comes naturally to me. 

I have never been as inspired to create as I have been the past three years after finally landing a high school teaching position. Creativity is like a fire--the more you feed it, the more it grows. The more I paint and create, the more ideas I have churning through my head; the more I create. 

My husband is my biggest supporter, always allowing me to journey down the path to my next creative endeavor. We are native Kansans, and my work heavily reflects the colors, sounds and shapes that surround us on our quaint farm in the country. 

My work is cohesive only in that I run small, contrasting bits of colors through all my work, and I love taking pencil through paint on a canvas. I'm always growing and learning something, and my work is ever-evolving in that sense. I'm a media mixer and love to try new things to further my skills and passions as a fine artist. 


I graduated in 2010 from Fort Hays State University with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art and a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education. 
Shortly before graduation, my now-husband and I purchased a small flower shop. I ran the flower shop until I found a high school art teaching job in our rural area. In the time the flower shop was open, I began a journey as a pottery studio owner allowing customers to come in and paint bisque creations. 

My work has been shown in several area galleries and I have won several awards, most recently including: 
Smoky Hills Signature Auction People's Choice, Kansas Originals Smallworks People's Choice , Kansas Originals Smallworks Adult Best in Show, Kansas Originals Smallworks Adult 1st Place