Not everyone has a ton of time or space to create. That’s why I’ve made it easy for you to start right now. I'll encourage you to try new things and take risks. I promise to challenge you and to teach you to enjoy the process of making art--even when it doesn't go like you plan. If you promise to be kind to yourself, not to compare your art to others, and to have fun, then we're going to have a great time together. Let's jump into creative exploration and enjoy this creative journey together! 


My Vision

I want to give you the tools to grow creatively. The simple act of taking time to create something with your own hands will have a positive impact on your life. My goal is to encourage you to take a basic skill set and apply it to your artwork in a way that cultivates a passion for making art. Set aside an hour for yourself, don't be scared to make a mistake, and be prepared to have some fun!  Let’s make some art.

Who I Am

Avery is a mixed media artist with a passion for teaching and a love for trying new art styles all. the. time. She is on a mission to enrich the lives and encourage the inner artist in everyone. She's a Kansas native who is excited to bring her years of experience in both fine art and teaching directly to you. 

Find her on Instagram @averykasper_art

Image by Khara Woods

Let's Create!